A digital travel companion that keeps track of your experiences and rewards you for exploring new places around the world.

Background Story

Zonder is an “explore the world” gaming app and travel planner published by Zonder Inc. for iOS and Android platforms. It lets users earn XP and level up their in-app character by visiting different locations around the world. Users can “collect” over 100 million registered locations within the app. These locations include restaurants, cafes, shops, landmarks etc. The app also keeps a record of the different locations each user visits while providing a handy timeline which makes it a pocket world travel guide.


The market was still heavily saturated with travel planning apps at the time of Zonder’s inception. The unique nature of it being a physical open world exploration game, meant that the company needed to have access to location data for an immense number of locations. The app also needed to have a scalable and robust technological infrastructure in order to be able to handle a high volume of data in order to become a top rated travel organizer app.

Define a problem






Solution to the problem

Although a working prototype of the Zonder app was already made, the company sought the expertise of Ninjas Code to help with implementation of real-time location based service integration as well as location tracking. Ninjas Code provided the necessary resources, and collaborated with the Zonder team in order to address the issues they were facing. Thanks to the expertise of Ninjas Code in the react and react native frameworks, the collaboration went smoothly.


Efficient Result

With the help of the resources provided by Ninjas Code, the development of the Zonder app faced minimal setbacks and all of the features that were pledged within the kickstarter campaign of the app were implemented in the allocated time frame. Overall, the app launched with an extremely positive response and has gained tens of thousands of users since launch. Zonder’s ability to handle hurdles and to gain the trust of its user base helped pave the way for its growth and expansion in both the travel planning and gaming market.



Collect Locations

Walk around the world and enter real-world locations to add them to your collection

Gain XP

Level up your profile by gaining XP for exploring the world in 9 different travel categories

Verified Locations

Add verified locations to your collection that are updated and accurate according to google location data

Privacy First

Your data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold to data aggregators

Travel Stats

Keep a record of everywhere you go by tracking your progress and stats

Multi Language

The app is available in multiple languages to make sure that users around the world can enjoy the experience.