Text My Guests

Keep your guests informed with pre-scheduled text reminders and on-the-fly broadcasts. Collect replies in one place, including pictures. Unlimited messages, groups, and usage.


Textmyguests is a mass text messaging app published by Happyness LLC that is available on Android and iOS that allows users to schedule texts and send group texts with, regardless of whether the recipients have the app or not. It helps with scheduling and planning events as well by sending reminders to guests and gathering all of the pictures taken by guests during the event, in one place.


The biggest challenge textmyguests faced was to create a compelling enough experience that would draw people towards their text app. This meant that the user interface needed to be inviting and intuitive and the app needed to function smoothly while being able to handle a large amount of user data, if they wished to become one of the best android/ios texting apps.

1 Define a problem

2 Analysis

3 Solution


Happyness LLC sought the expertise of Ninjas Code in order to get assistance from the talented development and design team. The team at Ninjas Code helped implement essential features that the app needed to function. These included verification methods like OTP integration and verification for non users and unregistered phone numbers, making it a secure mass text messaging app. 


The textmyguests app launched to a very favourable response from its users. The work that the Ninjas Code team contributed helped to fully realize the app before launch. It also helped users create multiple events that were later featured by the textmyguests team on their website. 

Overall, the app’s launch was a success and even though it had to compete with other group and event organizing services, the simplicity and ease of use of textmyguests meant that many people chose it as their preferred service.


Unlimited Groups

Create as many groups for different events as you want!

Unlimited Replies

Texts can reply with messages and pictures that are sent directly to you

Live Streams

Create a livestream for whichever event you are hosting so that people that cannot attend, can still participate

Privacy First

Your data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold to data aggregators.

Upload from CSV

Easily upload your contacts directly from your phone by importing their CSV files.

Real Time Support

Take advantage of the dedicated support team so that your issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

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