Sense Chat

The messenger with a focus on communicating, organizing and rewarding your communities and friends.


The team behind Sense Chat knew that building a decentralized application was gaining popularity for quite some time, while at the same time being difficult to set up and manage. It was also important that the new users were confident about the security of the application. 

The application was built exclusively on Ethereum blockchain with its own tokens. The “Sense” tokens were listed on popular crypto exchanges. Therefore, the user experience and confidence in security was of primary concern for the system.


This was the second iteration of Sense Chat and the team wanted to make sure that there were significant improvements made over the first iteration. The first challenge was to have complete code coverage using test driven development. The second challenge was to implement an extremely responsive and slick design for both iOS and Android apps. Finally, the last challenge was to make sure that the architecture was designed in a Clean Architecture pattern.

1 Define a problem

2 Analysis

3 Solution


The chat feature was. the main feature that was focused on initially. The Sense Chat team collaborated with Ninjas Code to implement the new features for their revamped chat system. They also helped to create a code architecture that was compliant with Clean Architecture. This helped with creating a smooth workflow that allowed developers to work on the code base that another team had already worked on without creating any problems in the code


The result of the team’s work was achieving a stable solution with a low error rate that allowed them to provide a flawless user experience. It also provided the ability to set up the WiFi network on the physical device without having to leave the app running and manually connecting to the device’s hotspot. It resulted in making the whole user onboarding process quick and effortless.



Keep your chats organized and easy to access. Manage your groups and communities with ease.


Using our encryption level layer protection, users can stay safe from bots and spam accounts.


Built exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain with its own tokens. The “Sense” tokens are listed on popular crypto exchanges.


Your data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold to data aggregators


Using our Sense Tokens, reward your communities and friends and let them do the same for you.


The app has been revamped from user feedback and while working with the community to create a user friendly experience for all users.

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