Trabble is a free chat-based mobile travel concierge that answers accomdation-related enqueiries and tailors recommendations real-time so you have a great end-to-end travel experience

Trabble is chat bot that facilitate user in travel. My main task in this application was making the dashboard dynamic. What I mean by dynamic like the backend should give me a data what the screen should be like and I should be able to make the screen. Before this I also had to solve performance issues in the previous version I quickly fixed me and the sales team were very happy with the changes.

Making dynamic screen was a challenging task firstly I had to think about the architecture on how to approach the problem in a way that it should be readable for other developers to make changes. The backend was in .Net and I was leading the front end part we used Swagger and typescript with React in this project it was a good experience. Swagger provided me api’s so that I could easily know and test the api. Typescript provided making proper models for each and everything. The biggest issue was bindings. Binding the sent data to modal to generate the components dynamically. But eventually I overcame the solution by using proper way of using properties from the backend.

Technologies used: React, Redux, React Router, Redux Thunk, REST API, Swagger, SCSS, Type Script, Azure, Passport, Cloudinary.