This site is used to make HR investigation easy smart and collabrative


I decided on using SCSS as css preprocessor because it’s more convenient use than normal CSS. This was a single page so I didn’t want to bloat code instead of using any framework I built it from scratch. Used flex box for layouts. It’s much simpler than using conventional floats and bootstrap grid.


The next step was making dashboards. I decided to use Node.js and Mongoose for backend. I wanted to use non-relational schema because it was easily adaptable to changes plus there weren’t any clear requirements. Every time changing the schema with clients changing requirement would have been a headache. As for the frontend I decided using Material UI because of it’s beautiful UI and and it’s availability of components. For front end framework my decision was using React framework with Redux. Personally I have used Angular, AngularJS UI frameworks but React stands out in all of them. My role was properly structuring the application with proper components and uses right Reducer and Actions at the right moment.

For Authentication I used Passport in Node.js.

For continuous integration and deployment I used Github and a droplet of digital ocean with Linux Server.

Technologies used: React, Redux, React Router, Redux Thunk, REST API, Node.js, Mongoose, Material UI, Linux, Passport, Cloudinary.