HPEC Physicians

Empowering Physicians to Practice Medicine on Their Terms

Background Story

HPEC is a decentralized autonomous organization of practicing physicians, making it essentially a digital physicians guild. With the individual identities and professional credential wallets for each physician, they can efficiently work, connect and build their own professional referral system. The idea behind HPEC is to empower physicians to be able to shape the future of patient care with how they see fit.


The biggest challenge for HPEC was to let physicians prove their identity seamlessly and instantly while making it as secure as possible. Another challenge was adding the functionality to let physicians directly interact with each other in a secure environment so that they can share their insights and help improve patient care and make it more efficient.

Define a problem






Solution to the problem

The team at HPEC sought a collaboration with Ninjas Code in order to address the challenges they were facing. Thanks to the implementation of decentralized identity, the app could now allow physicians to control their credentials and provide verification easily while also tying their digital identity to the HPEC wallet.


Efficient Result

Streamlined identity verification and secure interactions among physicians, lead to enhanced collaboration and improved patient care. Implementation of the decentralized wallet system successfully tied physicians’ digital identities to their professional credentials, enabling efficient control and verification. The integrated chat system facilitated seamless communication between physicians and patients, fostering a stronger sense of community and knowledge-sharing. Overall, these solutions empowered physicians within HPEC to shape the future of patient care and drive efficiency in the healthcare industry.



Identity Verification

Seamless and secure process for physicians to prove their identity, leveraging decentralized technology to enhance trust and privacy.

Connect Secure

Using our encryption level layer protection, users can stay safe from bots and spam accounts.

Chat System

A built-in chat system enables physicians to communicate with their patients and fellow physicians within the app

Referral System

The app includes a professional referral system, allowing physicians to refer patients to one another with ease.

Privacy First

Your data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold to data aggregators.

Intuitive Design

The app has been revamped from user feedback and while working with the community to create a user friendly experience for all users.