How to Calculate the Cost of App Development?

It can be tricky to calculate the cost of app development, at Ninjas Code we look into the following factor when calculating the cost of app

The complexity of the app, including some features and a number of features, can have a direct impact on the cost of the app. Every feature to make it functional takes time to develop which again increases the cost of the app to be developed. Most agencies charge on an hourly basis so the more time it takes to complete a feature more they will charge. Some features are also easier to develop than the rest of the features. If you already have a template it will significantly reduce the time it takes to develop the app. If not then they need to be designed and developed from scratch.

Platform(s). If one platform is going to be enough it will have significantly less cost compared to software that will have more platforms to operate on. If the client wants a cross-platform solution such as a working App for Android and iOS(and potentially others, such as Microsoft) the cost does increase.

Design. Design is one the most important part of software these days users are pampered to use really good applications with good design. They have multiple options and the design really needs to stand out from all the applications. If you are launching something new and innovative then focus on the design must be important. You have to offer something new, and an enhanced user experience. Design plays a key role in that.

A number of other factors also influence the overall cost which includes the following:

  • App architecture. Software architecture has an impact on the time taken to develop it. This includes back-end infrastructure and libraries and/or tools used during the development process. What development model is going to be used for the architecture?
  • Data encryption. What data needs to be encrypted, how secure does it need to be, and where will data be stored and transmitted to?
  • Video or audio streaming. Will it include these features as they are heavy features to be developed.
  • Content Management. Does the software need a system for managing data and roles for managing this data?
  • Database integration. Database integration and server management is a business decision as well it can impact the cost of the application.
  • Registration How will users registered is it going to be a manual process and/or will use third-party apps or an API(e.g via Facebook or Google) for handling the authentication process. This will also increase the cost somewhat but could be an important feature for the app as most users will expect it.

Important Points: App Development Costs

When getting an app developed you need to keep these important points in mind:

  • How complicated is the app and how many features will it have
  • What’s going to be the platform of the app is it going to be cross-platform, hybrid or native;
  • Developing an app requires a large range of skills that includes development, planning, and design.
  • Have a clear goal what is your audience segment and key performance index for your app
  • There are maintenance costs as well with every software which you need to keep track of
  • Picking the right development team is half of the battle check their cost and reviews of previous clients to select the right vendor
  • Work with an agency that has previous experience in developing your project and has positive reviews with clients.

Below is the cost of the table that gives an overview of what can you expect from the prices of the application.


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