Groove Packer

Barcode Inventory Control & Scan Pack QC System


Groovepacker is a barcode inventory control and scanning system that is aimed at mainly warehouse inventory management and to quickly get new employees trained for handling new shipments and orders. The team behind GroovePacker decided that a new solution was necessary when their day to day operations were moved to a new location and they found issues with managing their inventory effectively and keeping account of similar SKUs without inaccuracies.


After moving their fulfillment to a new location, the team behind groovepacker faced a number of issues with their inventory tracking and authentication. They had a lot of similar SKUs in their inventory which led to a lot of inaccuracies in the data. Once the platform was made, the UI was lacking certain elements and the app needed some extra functionality to make it easier to use for new hires.

1 Define a problem

2 Analysis

3 Solution


To address these challenges, the Groovepacker team opted to work with Ninjas Code and use their expertise in software development and UI/UX design to revamp their existing solution. The new solution needed to replace the existing UI and incorporate a new sleek look to make the user experience feel smooth and responsive.
On top of that, there were various functionality features that needed to be added to make the app more complete and fully functional.


The revamped Groovepacker launched to considerable success and they have since reported extremely positive feedback from all of their customers. The revamp also allowed the GroovePacker team to simplify their own shipping system to make it considerably easier for new hires to use and start them on shipping the same day that they join the operation.



Your order is picked up by Students that are familiar with the campus so they don’t get lost looking for your dorm room.

Inventory Management

Groovepacker takes care of keeping your inventory counts and up to date so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Easy Integration

Don’t worry about creating an entirely new workflow to integrate groovepacker into your existing system.

Privacy First

Your data will Never be
shared or sold to a 3rd party
in any way

Real Time Support

If you face any issues while using the app, log a ticket with our support team or open a chat with one of our agents to get a response right away.

Intuitive Design

The app has been revamped from user feedback and while working with the community to create a user friendly experience for all users.

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