Easy Eats

The campus food delivery app for the students, by the students.


Easy Eats is a campus food delivery company that specializes in providing convenient and fast food delivery services to college campuses across the United States. Founded by a group of college students with the aim of simplifying the process of ordering and receiving food for other busy students, Easy Eats offers a wide selection of food options from various restaurants and food vendors on and around campuses.


One of the main challenges EasyEats faced, was the need to create a platform that could handle food orders, payments, and deliveries seamlessly. Building such a platform from scratch would have required significant investment in technology, resources, and time.

1 Define a problem

2 Analysis

3 Solution


To address these challenges, Easy Eats opted to work with Ninjas Code and use their white label solution: Enatega. This provided them with a pre-built platform that they could customize and brand as their own. It also allowed them to focus on acquiring restaurant partners and building their customer base without having to invest heavily in technology development. 
By partnering with Ninjas Code, Easy Eats was able to launch their platform quickly and effectively, while also benefiting from a high level of support and expertise.


Easy Eats had a successful launch and started their operations in multiple campuses after their initial launch. Their success in the food delivery industry is a testament to the power of partnerships and leveraging the right technology. By using Enatega’s white label solution, Easy Eats was able to overcome several challenges faced by startups in the food delivery industry, including building a platform from scratch, establishing partnerships with restaurants and food vendors, and gaining brand recognition.


Student Drivers

Your order is picked up by Students that are familiar with the campus so they don’t get lost looking for your dorm room

Privacy First

Your data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold to data aggregators.

Multiple Restaurants

Choose from a diverse range of restaurants that we have partnered with to bring you hot, delicious food

Connect Secure

Thanks to our multiple verification methods and two-way security layer, we are able to protect users from fake accounts and bot locations

Real Time Support

If you face any issues while using the app, log a ticket with our support team or open a chat with one of our agents to get a response right away.

Multi Language

The app is available in multiple languages to make sure that users around the world can enjoy the experience.

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