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BUNDL is a preloved baby clothes resale marketplace app that is available on mobile phones. Parents who use the app can sell their kid’s clothes online or purchase them from others.  The app also allows creating groups where parents can talk to other parents and coordinate together on the details. It’s a convenient way of offloading old unused kid’s clothes as users can also sell used clothing in bulk.


Bundl Technologies needed a working MVP for their showcase on TechStars Atlanta. The timeline for launching and deploying the MVP was pretty short and it needed to be completed within 45 days. On top of that they also needed a solution that could handle a high volume of data while being reliable and easy to use. They needed something that already had some working behind it.

1 Define a problem

2 Analysis

3 Solution


Bundl Technologies reached out to Ninjas Code for assistance as they had prior experience in ecommerce app development. Despite the tight deadline and growing anxieties around the launch of the product, the team behind Ninjas Code managed to create a fully functional MVP within 45 days which Bundl Technologies later presented at TechStars Atlanta and got an extremely positive response.


Thanks to the collaboration with Ninjas Code, the Bundl App was launched earlier than it was anticipated and the reception it received determined it as a success. The unique idea of Bundl, letting parents sell their kid’s clothes online, and the innovation shown by the Bundl Technologies team helped to fill a gap in the baby clothes resale market with a convenient and easy to use solution that parents and families could make extra income from.


Verified Users

Every person that you interact with on the app is guaranteed to be a real person and not a bot.


Thanks to our multiple verification methods and two-way security layer, we are able to protect users by keeping their data safe.

Create Groups

Create your own group or communities so that you can deal with multiple people in the same location and manage the details

Privacy First

Your data will Never be
shared or sold to a 3rd party
in any way

Real Time Support

If you face any issues while using the app, log a ticket with our support team or open a chat with one of our agents to get a response right away.

Multi Language

The app is available in multiple languages to make sure that users around the world can enjoy the experience.

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